Trip to Planet Earth – A travel blog

travel blog

A good place to start a travel blog.

I have witnessed the creation of Middle-earth. I got a glimpse of the formation of planets. I have followed the doom and salvation of Azeroth. I have seen the birth of the Queen of Blades and the universe tremble under the attacks of the Zerg. I enabled a trip to the Moon and have been told that I live behind it. If that is the case I can tell you it is a damn good place to live. I listened to the Song of Ice and Fire and grasped the terror of the Rains of Castamere. I stood my ground to defend the Ancients. I have witnessed the foundation of cities and the rise and fall of entire civilizations. I have studied the Laws of Nature, planets, worlds and universes, but now it is time for my own adventure: a trip to Planet Earth.


Ribs to keep me going.

In the last seven months I have set foot on one to several continents, travelled in nine countries, worn out three pairs of flip-flops, been invited to two weddings, attended zero weddings, taken countless pictures with total strangers, dived to eighteen meters below sea level at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, been paragliding, rode an elephant and climbed a 3210 m hill in Nepal, read eighteen books, caught two colds and received free care in an indian hospital, eaten a space muffin in Amsterdam, taken a camel safari and got kicked out of a tuk-tuk in India, attended a pillow fight in London and met a lot of amazing people from all around the World.

bokor waterfall

Sightseeing to ease the mind.

I have been asked to create a blog about my travel experience for some time. And you have just gotten a glimpse of the experiences I already made. I will try to tell some of these and the future stories in the coming weeks. The thing is I am not a man of many words. So it took me some time to finally try out this travel blog. Nonetheless I will give my best to paint an interesting picture of my trip for you.

Follow me on my trip to Planet Earth.

158 thoughts on “Trip to Planet Earth – A travel blog

  1. Hi, Markus,
    For me this is the greatest news: Markus is writing a blog and we can follow him. WOW ! I do like the mixture of photos and text, fotos always tell a story, so you can keep the text shorter 😉
    Looking forward to more, Markus ! Safe and unforgettably wonderful travels !

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